NaS-ERA Third Newsletter

Dear Readers !
We are now starting the 3rd year of NaS-ERA project and we are confident on the success of this European project for CRTSE and its future cooperation with top European research organisations. We are happy of the two last years' achievements we obtained so far but the 3rd year of project will bring more benefits and good surprise to the consortium team as well as the Algerian nano-material research sphere.
Do not forget to visit our project website for more information on the project, its achievements. You will also find several interesting materials you can download such as the 'Promotional Brochure about CRTSE' and some training modules that the European partners agreed to disseminate publically. The project website is accessible via the following link:
Due to the recent change of status of UDTS into CRTSE, mentioned in the previous issue of the NaS-ERA newsletter, the new CRTSE website is available at the following link:

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